Class OrphanReporter


@Internal public class OrphanReporter extends Object
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  • Constructor Details

    • OrphanReporter

      @Internal public OrphanReporter(EventBus eventBus, OrphanReporterConfig config)
      Creates a new OrphanReporter.

      Please do not instantiate this class directly, but rather let it be handled through the environment and customize it through the OrphanReporterConfig which can also be provided on the environment.

      eventBus - the event bus where the messages should be emitted on.
      config - the configuration for this reporter.
  • Method Details

    • config

      public OrphanReporterConfig config()
      Returns the currently active configuration.
    • start

      public Mono<Void> start()
      Starts the orphan reporter.
      completes the Mono once it has been started properly.
    • stop

      public Mono<Void> stop()
      Stops the orphan reporter.
      completes the Mono once it has been stopped properly.
    • report

      public void report(Request<?> request)
      Reports an orphaned Request.

      If the orphan could not be recorded because the buffer is full, a OrphanRecordDroppedEvent will be raised on the event bus.

      If you wish to ignore certain requests as being considered in the orphan reporting, make sure they implement the UnmonitoredRequest marker interface.

      request - the request to report as orphan.