Class CoreTransactionRequest

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public class CoreTransactionRequest extends BaseRequest<CoreTransactionResponse>
This doesn't correspond to an individual server request. It just makes it easier to slot into some existing components, such as the ThresholdLoggingTracer, if we model a transaction as a BaseRequest.
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    • serviceType

      public ServiceType serviceType()
      Description copied from interface: Request
      The service type of this request.

      Can be null if this is a 'virtual service' (e.g. transactions), which don't map 1:1 to a particular cluster service, but need to integrate into various codepaths that are built around ServiceType such as ThresholdLoggingTracer. Virtual requests must not be sent into core at present, as there is limited support for them.

      the service type for this request.
    • name

      public String name()
      Description copied from interface: Request
      The unique name of the request, usually related to the type but not necessarily.

      The default implementation is derived from the class name (i.e. FooRequest returns foo), but if that does not match up it should be overridden in the actual class.

      the name of the request type.