@Internal public class SpanWrapper extends Object
Wraps a RequestSpan, with the value-add that it automatically records how long the operation took for transaction logging.
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • elapsedMicros

      public long elapsedMicros()
    • finish

      public long finish(@Nullable Throwable err)
    • finish

      public long finish()
    • create

      public static SpanWrapper create(RequestTracer tracer, String op, @Nullable SpanWrapper parent)
    • attribute

      public <T> SpanWrapper attribute(String key, T value)
    • lowCardinalityAttribute

      public <T> SpanWrapper lowCardinalityAttribute(String key, T value)
    • span

      public RequestSpan span()
    • finishWithErrorStatus

      public long finishWithErrorStatus()
    • setErrorStatus

      public void setErrorStatus()
    • recordExceptionAndSetErrorStatus

      public void recordExceptionAndSetErrorStatus(Throwable err)
    • recordException

      public void recordException(Throwable err)
    • isInternal

      public boolean isInternal()