Class Sdk2CompatibleLegacyTranscoder

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class Sdk2CompatibleLegacyTranscoder
extends Object
implements Transcoder
This transcoder is compatible with the Java SDK 2 "LegacyTranscoder", which makes it usable back to Java SDK 1 as a result. You would really only want to move to this transcoder if you already had to use the LegacyTranscoder in SDK 2 because you were using couchbase since the SDK 1 days (you must really love couchbase, thanks! :-)).
  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • Sdk2CompatibleLegacyTranscoder

      public Sdk2CompatibleLegacyTranscoder()
    • Sdk2CompatibleLegacyTranscoder

      public Sdk2CompatibleLegacyTranscoder​(int compressionThreshold)
  • Method Details

    • encode

      public Transcoder.EncodedValue encode​(Object input)
      Description copied from interface: Transcoder
      Encodes the given input into the wire representation based on the data format.
      Specified by:
      encode in interface Transcoder
      input - the input object to encode.
      the encoded wire representation of the payload.
    • decode

      public <T> T decode​(Class<T> target, byte[] input, int flags)
      Description copied from interface: Transcoder
      Decodes the wire representation into the entity based on the data format.
      Specified by:
      decode in interface Transcoder
      target - the target type to decode.
      input - the wire representation to decode.
      flags - the flags on the wire
      the decoded entity.
    • compress

      protected byte[] compress​(byte[] in)
    • decompress

      protected byte[] decompress​(byte[] in)
    • encodeNum

      public static byte[] encodeNum​(long l, int maxBytes)
    • deserialize

      protected Object deserialize​(byte[] in)