Class Expiry

    • Method Detail

      • none

        public static Expiry none()
      • relative

        public static Expiry relative​(Duration expiry)
        InvalidArgumentException - if the Duration is non-zero and less than 1 second, or greater than 18,250 days (~50 years)
      • absolute

        public static Expiry absolute​(Instant expiry)
        InvalidArgumentException - if the Instant is after 2106-02-07T06:28:15Z, or is non-zero and before 1970-02-01T00:00:00Z
      • encode

        public long encode​(EventBus eventBus)
        Please use encode() instead.
        This method remains as a courtesy to users brave enough to rely on Couchbase internal API. It is scheduled for removal in a future version of the SDK.