Class S3ExternalAnalyticsLink

  • @SinceCouchbase("7.0")
    public class S3ExternalAnalyticsLink
    extends AnalyticsLink
    An analytics link to S3.

    Important: When creating a link to the Amazon S3 service, be sure to follow best practices for security. AWS root account credentials should never be used. The policy for the created IAM User roles should be as strict as possible and only allow access to the required data and required resources. You only need to know the Access Key Id and the Secret Access Key for the created IAM User role to access the S3 service. The link will be able to access whatever is permitted to the IAM User, since it will be using the IAM User credentials to interact with the AWS S3 service.

    • Constructor Detail

      • S3ExternalAnalyticsLink

        public S3ExternalAnalyticsLink​(String name,
                                       String dataverse)
        Creates a new Analytics Link to S3.

        As an alternative to this constructor, AnalyticsLink.s3(String, String) can be used as well.

        Please note that additional parameters are required and must be set on S3ExternalAnalyticsLink in order for a S3 link to work properly.

    • Method Detail

      • accessKeyId

        public String accessKeyId()
        Returns the S3 access key ID.
        the S3 access key ID.
      • secretAccessKey

        public String secretAccessKey()
        Returns the S3 secret access key.
        the S3 access key.
      • region

        public String region()
        Returns the S3 region.
        the S3 region.
      • serviceEndpoint

        public String serviceEndpoint()
        Returns the S3 service endpoint.
        the S3 service endpoint.
      • sessionToken

        public String sessionToken()
        Returns the S3 session token.
        the S3 session token.