Class SearchSort

    • Constructor Detail

      • SearchSort

        protected SearchSort()
    • Method Detail

      • identifier

        protected abstract String identifier()
        The identifier for the sort type, used in the "by" field.
      • injectParams

        public void injectParams​(JsonObject queryJson)
      • desc

        public SearchSort desc​(boolean descending)
      • byId

        public static SearchSortId byId()
        Sort by the document identifier.
      • byField

        public static SearchSortField byField​(String field)
        Sort by a field in the rows.
        field - the field name.
      • byGeoDistance

        public static SearchSortGeoDistance byGeoDistance​(double locationLon,
                                                          double locationLat,
                                                          String field)
        Sort by geo location.
        locationLon - longitude of the location.
        locationLat - latitude of the location.
        field - the field name.