Class ConnectLinkAnalyticsOptions


public class ConnectLinkAnalyticsOptions extends CommonOptions<ConnectLinkAnalyticsOptions>
Customizes how a analytics link is connected.
  • Method Details

    • connectLinkAnalyticsOptions

      public static ConnectLinkAnalyticsOptions connectLinkAnalyticsOptions()
      Creates a new instance with default values.
      the instantiated default options.
    • dataverseName

      public ConnectLinkAnalyticsOptions dataverseName(String dataverseName)
      Sets the name of the dataverse in which the link should be connected.
      dataverseName - the name of the dataverse.
      this ConnectLinkAnalyticsOptions for chaining purposes.
    • linkName

      public ConnectLinkAnalyticsOptions linkName(String linkName)
      Sets the name of the link which should be connected.
      linkName - the name of the link.
      this ConnectLinkAnalyticsOptions for chaining purposes.
    • force

      public ConnectLinkAnalyticsOptions force(boolean force)
      Customizes if connect link should be forced or not.

      Determines the behavior of CONNECT LINK if there has been a change in the bucket’s UUID, i.e. the bucket has been deleted and recreated with the same name.

      • If force is false, then CONNECT LINK fails. This is the default behavior.
      • If force is true, CONNECT LINK proceeds: Analytics deletes all existing data in the dataset and ingests all data from the bucket again.
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