Class EventingFunctionSettings


public class EventingFunctionSettings extends Object
  • Method Details

    • create

      public static EventingFunctionSettings create()
      Creates the EventingFunctionSettings with default properties.
      the build settings.
    • builder

      public static EventingFunctionSettings.Builder builder()
      Creates the EventingFunctionSettings.Builder which allows to customize the settings.
      the EventingFunctionSettings.Builder.
    • processingStatus

      public EventingFunctionProcessingStatus processingStatus()
      Indicates if the function is running (i.e., not paused).
    • deploymentStatus

      public EventingFunctionDeploymentStatus deploymentStatus()
      Indicates if the function is deployed.
    • cppWorkerThreadCount

      public long cppWorkerThreadCount()
      Number of threads each worker utilizes.
    • dcpStreamBoundary

      public EventingFunctionDcpBoundary dcpStreamBoundary()
      Indicates where to start dcp stream from.
    • description

      public String description()
      Free form text for user to describe the handler. no functional role.
    • logLevel

      public EventingFunctionLogLevel logLevel()
      Level of detail in system logging.
    • languageCompatibility

      public EventingFunctionLanguageCompatibility languageCompatibility()
      Eventing language version this handler assumes in terms of syntax and behavior.
    • executionTimeout

      public Duration executionTimeout()
      Maximum time the handler can run before it is forcefully terminated.
    • lcbInstCapacity

      public long lcbInstCapacity()
      Maximum number of libcouchbase connections that may be opened and pooled.
    • lcbRetryCount

      public long lcbRetryCount()
      Number of retries of retryable libcouchbase failures.
    • lcbTimeout

      public Duration lcbTimeout()
      Maximum time the lcb command is waited until completion before we terminate the request.
    • queryConsistency

      public QueryScanConsistency queryConsistency()
      Consistency level used by n1ql statements in the handler.
    • numTimerPartitions

      public long numTimerPartitions()
      Number of timer shards. defaults to number of vbuckets.
    • sockBatchSize

      public long sockBatchSize()
      Batch size for messages from producer to consumer.
    • tickDuration

      public Duration tickDuration()
      Duration to log stats from this handler.
    • timerContextSize

      public long timerContextSize()
      Size limit of timer context object.
    • userPrefix

      public String userPrefix()
      Key prefix for all data stored in metadata by this handler.
    • bucketCacheSize

      public long bucketCacheSize()
      Maximum size in bytes the bucket cache can grow to.
    • bucketCacheAge

      public long bucketCacheAge()
      Time in milliseconds after which a cached bucket object is considered stale.
    • curlMaxAllowedRespSize

      public long curlMaxAllowedRespSize()
      Maximum allowable curl call response in 'MegaBytes'.
    • workerCount

      public long workerCount()
      Number of worker processes handler utilizes on each eventing node.
    • queryPrepareAll

      public boolean queryPrepareAll()
      Automatically prepare all n1ql statements in the handler.
    • handlerHeaders

      public List<String> handlerHeaders()
      Code to automatically prepend to top of handler code.
    • handlerFooters

      public List<String> handlerFooters()
      Code to automatically append to bottom of handler code.
    • enableAppLogRotation

      public boolean enableAppLogRotation()
      Enable rotating this handlers log() message files.
    • appLogDir

      public String appLogDir()
      Directory to write content of log() message files.
    • appLogMaxSize

      public long appLogMaxSize()
      Rotate logs when file grows to this size in bytes approximately.
    • appLogMaxFiles

      public long appLogMaxFiles()
      Number of log() message files to retain when rotating.
    • checkpointInterval

      public Duration checkpointInterval()
      Number of seconds before writing a progress checkpoint.
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object