Class UserAndMetadata


@Volatile public class UserAndMetadata extends Object
Information sent by the server in response to a "get user(s)" request. This includes the User record itself (which may be retrieved by calling user()) as well as metadata like which roles are inherited from which groups.
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    • domain

      public AuthDomain domain()
    • user

      public User user()
      Returns a new mutable User with initial values matching the data in this UserAndMetadata.
    • innateRoles

      public Set<Role> innateRoles()
      Returns the roles assigned specifically to the user. Excludes roles that are only inherited from groups.
    • effectiveRoles

      public Set<Role> effectiveRoles()
      Returns all of the user's roles, including roles inherited from groups.
    • effectiveRolesAndOrigins

      public List<RoleAndOrigins> effectiveRolesAndOrigins()
      Returns all of the user's roles plus information about whether each role is assigned specifically to the user or inherited from a group, and if so which group.
    • externalGroups

      public Set<String> externalGroups()
    • passwordChanged

      public Optional<Instant> passwordChanged()
      Returns the time the user's password was last set, if known.
    • toString

      public String toString()
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