Class AbstractSearchFacetResult

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DateRangeSearchFacetResult, NumericRangeSearchFacetResult, TermSearchFacetResult

public abstract class AbstractSearchFacetResult extends Object implements SearchFacetResult
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    • name

      public String name()
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      name in interface SearchFacetResult
      the name of the facet.
    • field

      public String field()
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      field in interface SearchFacetResult
      the field the SearchFacet was targeting.
    • missing

      public long missing()
      Specified by:
      missing in interface SearchFacetResult
      the number of results that couldn't be faceted, missing the adequate value. Not matter how many more buckets are added to the original facet, these result won't ever be included in one.
    • other

      public long other()
      Specified by:
      other in interface SearchFacetResult
      the number of results that could have been faceted (because they have a value for the facet's field) but weren't, due to not having a bucket in which they belong. Adding a bucket can result in these results being faceted.
    • total

      public long total()
      Specified by:
      total in interface SearchFacetResult
      the total number of *valued* facet results. Total = SearchFacetResult.other() + terms (but doesn't include SearchFacetResult.missing()).