Class TransactionsQueryConfig.Builder

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public static class TransactionsQueryConfig.Builder extends Object
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    • Builder

      public Builder()
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    • scanConsistency

      public TransactionsQueryConfig.Builder scanConsistency(QueryScanConsistency scanConsistency)
      Customizes the default consistency guarantees for all queries inside this transaction.

      Tuning the scan consistency allows to trade data "freshness" for latency and vice versa. By default QueryScanConsistency.REQUEST_PLUS is used for any queries inside a transaction, which means that the indexer will wait until any indexes used are consistent with all mutations at the time of the query. If this level of consistency is not required, use QueryScanConsistency.NOT_BOUNDED which will execute the query immediately with whatever data are in the index.

      scanConsistency - the index scan consistency to be used.
      this, for chaining purposes.