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couchbase::get_options Class Reference

Options for collection::get() More...

#include <options.hxx>

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couchbase::common_options< get_options >

Public Member Functions

CB_NODISCARD boost::optional< uint32_t > expiry () const
 Get expiry. More...
get_optionsexpiry (uint32_t expiry)
 Set expiry. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from couchbase::common_options< get_options >
CB_NODISCARD boost::optional< std::chrono::microseconds > timeout () const
 get timeout More...
get_optionstimeout (R timeout)
 Set timeout. More...

Detailed Description

Options for collection::get()

Member Function Documentation

◆ expiry() [1/2]

CB_NODISCARD boost::optional<uint32_t> couchbase::get_options::expiry ( ) const

Get expiry.

expiry set in this object, if any.

◆ expiry() [2/2]

get_options& couchbase::get_options::expiry ( uint32_t  expiry)

Set expiry.

   This will perform a 'get and touch', updating the exipry and returning the document,
   when set.  The expiry is a uint32_t representing either the number of seconds from
   now that the document will expire, or the epoch seconds that the expiry should occur.
   If the value is less than 30 days (30*24*60*60), it is assumed to be the former, otherwisw
   the latter.  Note that from 30 days to today, the docuent would immediately expire.
expirySet the desired expiry for this option.
Reference to this object, so calls can be chained.

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