Couchbase Mobile development

Couchbase offers support for mobile developers to use their favorite application programming environments.

Embedded database

Couchbase Lite is an embedded NoSQL document database that runs natively on mobile devices and in other lightweight computing environments. It manages data locally for low latency read/write access. Couchbase Lite presents native app development APIs for iOS, Android, Xamarin, and Unity in Objective-C, Swift, Java, Android, C#, and more.

Sync management

Couchbase Sync Gateway sits on the edge of the network between private data and the public cloud and securely replicates data changes between Couchbase Server and Couchbase Lite. Mobile apps remain responsive when disconnected from the network and data updates seamlessly once connectivity is restored. Sync Gateway enables true multi-master replication with full conflict detection and fine-grained orchestration of what data remains on the device and what is stored in Couchbase Server.