Performing the Single Node Upgrade

    To upgrade a single Couchbase Server node, back up your data and then install the upgrade package.

    Backup your data using one of the following tools:

    • For Couchbase Server Enterprise Edition, use cbbackupmgr.

    • For Couchbase Server Community Edition, use cbbackup.

    Steps for upgrading a Couchbase Server node explained in this section are identical for an online upgrade (for a node that has been removed from the cluster) or an offline upgrade (for a node that has not yet been added to the cluster).
    1. Download the Couchbase Server package.

    2. Back up the cluster data.

    3. Back up the server-specific configuration files. While the upgrade scripts perform a backup of the configuration and data files, make your own backup of these files as best practice. The configuration files are found in /opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/config/ by default.

    4. Stop the Couchbase Server service.

    5. Check your host name configuration. If you have deployed Couchbase Server in a cloud service, or if you are using host names rather than IP addresses, you must verify that the host name has been configured correctly and is resolvable before performing the upgrade.

    6. Perform the upgrade installation for your platform; see the section Installing the Couchbase Server Cluster appropriate for your platform for detailed installation instructions.