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Services and Indexes

      Couchbase Services support access to and maintenance of data. Indexes enhance the performance of query and search operations.


      Services are configured and deployed by the Full Administrator who initializes Couchbase Server on one or more nodes. The standard configuration-sequence allows a subset of services to be selected per node, with an individual memory-allocation for each. Each service supports a particular form of data-access. Services not required need not be deployed. Services intended to support a heavy workload can be deployed across multiple cluster-nodes, to ensure optimal performance and resource-availability.


      Indexes are used by certain services, such as Query, Analytics, and Search, as targets for search-routines. Each index makes a predefined subset of bucket-data available for the search.

      The Query and Analytics services both rely on indexes provided by the Index service. The Search service provides its own indexes, internally.

      Indexes, when well-designed, provide significant enhancements to the performance of search-operations.