The allocator command, used by cbstats, provides memory-related information for a specified bucket.


    The allocator command, used by cbstats, provides memory-related information for a specified bucket.


    cbstats <host>:<port> [common options] allocator

    The host must be the hostname or IP address of a node within the cluster. The port must be 11210. The common options must include a username and password, and a reference to a bucket defined on the cluster. For a complete list of common options, see the table provided on the introductory page for cbstats.

    The allocator command takes no command options.


    The following call returns memory-related information on the travel-sample bucket.

    /opt/couchbase/bin/cbstats -u Administrator -p password \
    -b travel-sample \

    If successful, the command returns output whose initial section resembles the following. (Note that the full output is extensive, and features tabular configurations that may require console-width to be manually extended, for the displayed data to be properly reviewed.)

    ___ Begin jemalloc statistics ___
    Version: "5.2.1-0-gea6b3e973b477b8061e0076bb257dbd7f3faa756"
    Build-time option settings
      config.cache_oblivious: false
      config.debug: false
      config.fill: true
      config.lazy_lock: false
      config.malloc_conf: ""
      config.opt_safety_checks: false true
      config.prof_libgcc: true
      config.prof_libunwind: false
      config.stats: true
      config.utrace: false
      config.xmalloc: false
    Run-time option settings
      opt.abort: false
      opt.abort_conf: false
      opt.confirm_conf: false
      opt.retain: true
      opt.dss: "secondary"
      opt.narenas: 1
      opt.percpu_arena: "disabled"
      opt.oversize_threshold: 8388608
      opt.metadata_thp: "disabled"
      opt.background_thread: true (background_thread: true)
      opt.dirty_decay_ms: 10000 (arenas.dirty_decay_ms: 10000)
      opt.muzzy_decay_ms: 0 (arenas.muzzy_decay_ms: 0)
      opt.lg_extent_max_active_fit: 6
      opt.junk: "false" false
      opt.tcache: true
      opt.lg_tcache_max: 15
      opt.thp: "default" true
      opt.prof_prefix: "jeprof"
      opt.prof_active: false ( false)
      opt.prof_thread_active_init: true (prof.thread_active_init: true)
      opt.lg_prof_sample: 19 (prof.lg_sample: 19)
      opt.prof_accum: false
      opt.lg_prof_interval: -1
      opt.prof_gdump: false
      opt.prof_final: false
      opt.prof_leak: false
      opt.stats_print: false
      opt.stats_print_opts: ""
    Profiling settings
      prof.thread_active_init: true false
      prof.gdump: false
      prof.interval: 0
      prof.lg_sample: 19
    Arenas: 2
    Quantum size: 16
    Page size: 4096
    Maximum thread-cached size class: 32768
    Number of bin size classes: 36
    Number of thread-cache bin size classes: 41
    Number of large size classes: 196