Release Notes for Couchbase Service Broker 1.1


      The Couchbase Service Broker provides native integration of the Couchbase Autonomous Operator with the Open Service Broker API for Open Source Kubernetes .


      For installation instructions, refer to:

      Release 1.1.0

      Couchbase Service Broker 1.1.0 was released in June 2021.

      Platform Support

      No changes in platform support have been made in Couchbase Service Broker 1.1.0.

      For a list of currently supported platforms, refer to Prerequisites.

      Major Behavior Changes and Enhancements

      New Service Classes

      Couchbase Service Broker 1.1.0 provides the following service classes:

      • Class: cao-2.1-service

        • Plan: csb-basic

        • Plan: csb-standard

      • Class: cao-2.2-service

        • Plan: csb-basic

        • Plan: csb-standard

      • Class: couchbase-autonomous-operator

        • Plan: 2.1.0

        • Plan: 2.2.0

      Each cao service class has two service plans — csb-basic and csb-standard — for its respective version of the Autonomous Operator. These service classes are provided on either a per-namespace or global basis.

      The couchbase-autonomous-operator class is not meant to be used directly, but is instead instantiated by the cao plans. This design maintains a separation between Couchbase custom resources and the Autonomous Operator itself.

      For more information, refer to the Getting Started guide.

      New Tool: cbsbctl

      The Couchbase Service Broker package now ships with a new command-line binary tool: cbsbctl. Binaries for Linux, Windows, and macOS are provided. This tool can be used to automate several parts of the deployment process, and is now incorporated into the Getting Started guide.

      Refer to the cbsbctl reference page for detailed command usage information.

      Other Notable Changes

      • #52 Advanced Templating (loops)

      • #48 More template filters

      Bug Fixes

      • #49 Deprovisioning fails on client-side when using eden

      Providing Feedback

      You can have a big impact on future versions of the Couchbase Autonomous Operator (and its documentation) by providing Couchbase with your direct feedback and observations. Please feel free to post your questions and comments on Couchbase Forums.

      Licenses for Third-Party Components

      The complete list of licenses for Couchbase products is available on the Legal Agreements page. Couchbase is thankful to all individuals who have created these third-party components.