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SG release notes

Deprecation Notices

The following features are being deprecated and will be unsupported in an upcoming version of Sync Gateway.

  • Bucket shadowing has been deprecated since 1.4 and has now become unsupported. The recommended approach to perform operations on a bucket dedicated to Couchbase Mobile is to enable shared bucket access.

New Features

No Conflicts Mode

Sync Gateway 2.0 can be run in "no conflicts mode". When running in this mode, Sync Gateway will reject any updates that would otherwise create a conflict. When using Couchbase Lite 2.0, these conflicts can be automatically detected and resolved by the client.

Details on how to configure this mode, along with additional information, is included at (databases.$db.allow_conflicts).

Data Lifecycle Management

An expiry value can now be set for Couchbase Lite replication checkpoints (and local documents more generally), allowing users to configure how long these are retained. By default they will be retained for 90 days, but this can be customized using (databases.$db.local_doc_expiry_secs).

Document expiry can now be set using the Sync Function. A new built-in function, (expiry()) can be used to set the Couchbase Server expiry for the document.


Starting in Sync Gateway 2.0, Sync Gateway’s design documents include the version number in the design document name. In this release for example, the design documents are named \_design/sync_gateway_2.0 and \_design/sync_housekeeping_2.0.

On startup, Sync Gateway will check for the existence of these design documents, and only attempt to create them if they do not already exist. Then, Sync Gateway will wait until views are available and indexed before starting to serve requests. To evaluate this, Sync Gateway will issue a stale=false&limit=1 query against the Sync Gateway views (channels, access and role_access).

If the view request exceeds the default timeout of 75s (which would be expected when indexing large buckets), Sync Gateway will log additional messages and retry. The logging output will look like this:

14:26:41.039-08:00 Design docs for current SG view version (2.0) found.
14:26:41.039-08:00 Verifying view availability for bucket default...
14:26:42.045-08:00 Timeout waiting for view "access" to be ready for bucket "default" - retrying...
14:26:42.045-08:00 Timeout waiting for view "channels" to be ready for bucket "default" - retrying...
14:26:42.045-08:00 Timeout waiting for view "role_access" to be ready for bucket "default" - retrying...
14:26:44.065-08:00 Timeout waiting for view "access" to be ready for bucket "default" - retrying...
14:26:44.065-08:00 Timeout waiting for view "role_access" to be ready for bucket "default" - retrying...
14:26:44.065-08:00 Timeout waiting for view "channels" to be ready for bucket "default" - retrying...
14:26:44.072-08:00 Views ready for bucket default.

Sync Gateway 2.0 will not automatically remove the previous design documents. Removal of the obsolete design documents is done via a call to the new /_post_upgrade endpoint in Sync Gateway’s Admin REST API. This endpoint can be run in preview mode (?preview=true) to see which design documents would be removed. To summarize, the steps to perform an upgrade to Sync Gateway 2.0 are:

  1. Upgrade one node in the cluster to 2.0, and wait for it to be reachable via the REST API (for example at http://localhost:4985/).

  2. Upgrade the rest of the nodes in the cluster.

  3. Clean up obsolete views:

    • Optional Issue a call to /_post_upgrade?preview=true on any node to preview which design documents will be removed. To upgrade to 2.0, expect to see "sync_gateway" and "sync_housekeeping" listed.

    • Issue a call to /_post_upgrade to remove the obsolete design documents. The response should indicate that "sync_gateway" and "sync_housekeeping" were removed.



  • #3756 DCP Feed does not seed from all nodes


Performance Improvements

  • #1850 Avoid duplicate parsing of HTTP query string

  • #2871 Review bucket_gocb concurrent op limits

  • #2928 Optimize document unmarshalling for GetDoc

  • #3102 Use rev cache for _changes w/ include_docs


  • #744 When try to put nonexistent document with rev: Document revision conflict

  • #1280 Auto-expire unused _local checkpoint documents

  • #1580 Use latest version of Otto

  • #2354 Windows service wrapper should write to a configurable stderr log file

  • #2709 Conflict-free mode (allow_conflicts:false)

  • #3015 Set document expiry via Sync Function

  • #3123 Log _sync:seq on startup

  • #3136 Inter-document compression in BLIP replicator

  • #3105 Set document expiry via Sync Function


  • #1003 SG with bucket shadowing doesn’t work properly after CB restarted

  • #1406 Feedtype=DCP not working sometimes

  • #1488 Rebalance -in a CBS node results in timeouts which manifests as empty changes feed

  • #2108 Missing sequences in _changes feed causing sg-replicate missing documents replication

  • #2223 Wrong name being set for users

  • #2371 Logging - "Replicate" works when in *.json but not when you PUT _logging

  • #2383 Channel cache missing data when request instantiating cache times out

  • #2410 SG gets into a 100% cpu state, where restart is the only recovery

  • #2441 RedHat/Centos 6 'initctl restart sync_gateway' does not work as expected

  • #2458 Log rotation skipping BLIP keys

  • #2717 SG Blip handler not reloading user channels

  • #3048 Panic when attempting to make invalid update to a conflicting document

  • #3049 Allow non-winning tombstone revisions when running with allow_conflicts=false

  • #3054 Mobile import of SDK write doesn’t preserve expiry

  • #3107 _revisions property is stored in rev cache after new_edits=false write

  • #3108 Channel grant to role doesn’t trigger reload of user context during write

  • #3146 One-shot changes requests should log timing information

  • #3174 sgcollect_info crashes if error encountered getting expvars

  • #3247 Ensure one-shot sg-replicate replications don’t start until views are indexed

  • #3248 CloseNotifier handling not being used for continuous changes

  • #3307 Pushing yet-unseen tombstoned doc to Sync Gateway returns error in XATTR mode

  • #3344 Sync Gateway 1.5.1 panics when querying a view