Description of the Sync Gateway Admin REST API
      Use the API explorer to find out more about Sync Gateway’s endpoints by functionality.

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      The Admin REST API is for administrator use only, and hence is not accessible from the clients directly.

      To allow users to access the Admin API up you need to create a Couchbase Server-based RBAC-user for them — see: REST API Access

      For document changes sent to Sync Gateway through the Admin REST API, the Sync Function executes with admin privileges.
      Calls to requireUser, requireAccess and requireRole will be no-ops, and will always appear successful.

      API Explorer

      The API explorer below groups all the endpoints by functionality. You can click on a label to expand the list of endpoints and also generate a curl request for each endpoint.

      Each endpoint description specifies its RBAC role requirements, but see RBAC Roles and the Couchbase Server documentation here Couchbase Server Authorization Roles if further information is required.