Travel Mobile App



    • Android Studio 3.0 or above Google Developer site

    • Android device or emulator running API level 22 or above

    • Android SDK 26

    • Android Build Tools 26

    • JDK 8

    Windows Users : If you are developing on Windows, we recommend that you use a Windows 10 machine. Also, note that if you choose the Manual or Docker installation mode, you should also have administrative privileges on the Windows box so you can authorize the installation and running of the required executables.

    Travel Sample Mobile App

    • Clone the "master" branch of the Travel Sample app from GitHub. We are doing a shallow pull with depth as 1 to speed the cloning process.

      git clone -b master --depth 1
    • Open android/TravelSample/build.gradle using Android Studio.

    • Build and run the project.

      as build
    • Verify that the login screen appears in the simulator.

      as login