Application Features

This is a walkthrough of a Travel application for mobile platforms using Couchbase Mobile 2.x. The app will allow users to search for and to make flight reservations. Users will also be able to search for hotels based on specific criteria. The mobile app will use the Couchbase Lite 2.x SQL based query API with support for Full Text Search (FTS). The app will sync documents with Sync Gateway 2.x using a websockets based replication protocol. Additionally, we will use a web version of the Travel Sample app that includes the ability to make flight reservations. Users are created through the web app. Documents are persisted on Couchbase Server and seamlessly synced over to web and mobile clients through the Sync Gateway.

Architecture Diagram

This is the high level architecture of the system that we will be running.

travelsampleapp arch

It includes the following components:

  • Client Side

    • Travel Mobile App

    • An iOS, Android, Java Swing App, UWP, Xamarin App that is linked with Couchbase Lite Enterprise 2.7

  • Server Side

    • Couchbase Server Enterprise v6.0

    • Sync Gateway Enterprise v2.7

    • Python web app integrated with Couchbase Python SDK

    • Travel web frontend app