Travel Sample Mobile App


  • Xcode 10.1+: downloadable latest version from the Mac App Store.

  • swift 5

Getting Started

  • Clone the "master" branch of the Travel Sample app from GitHub. We are doing a shallow pull with depth as 1 to speed the cloning process.

    git clone -b master --depth 1

    You will have to download the compatible version of Couchbase Lite framework

  • In Terminal, navigate to the TravelSample directory.

    cd /path/to/mobile-travel-sample/ios/TravelSample
  • Run the following script to download and install Couchbase Lite. A script is provided to install Couchbase Lite comatible with different versions of Xcode and Swift.

    • Xcode 11.1+

    • Xcode 11.0

    • Xcode 10.3

    • Xcode 10.2

    • Xcode 10.1

  • Open the TravelSample.xcodeproj using Xcode

  • Build and run the project using simulator

  • Verify that the login screen appears in the simulator