Overview of the Public API

  • beta
    Beta release of RESTful APIs for Couchbase Cloud. Participation is welcomed.
    The use of these Beta APIs in production applications is not supported.

    Welcome to the Couchbase Cloud Public API restricted BETA. We are creating a series of RESTful APIs that are intended to enable our customers to integrate with Couchbase Cloud to perform operations such as:

    • Onboarding and offboarding users.

    • Managing the lifecycle of a cluster.

    • Getting monitoring information for a cluster.

    The capabilities of the Public API will extend as we iterate and release new endpoints. This first iteration of the Public API focuses on the lifecycle of a cluster and associated functionality. You will be able to:

    • Clouds — List clouds and obtain detailed information about them.

    • Projects — List, Create and Delete projects.

    • Clusters — List, Create, and Delete clusters — and its buckets and users — and manage access with the Allow List.

    During the beta you are free to use these APIs in any way that you choose but we would like you to work on the scenario described in the howto to help us gather further information on the usability of the APIs.

    If you are comfortable with sharing your code, please let us know as we are actively looking for samples to share with other developers who wish to use our API.

    The use of these APIs in production applications is not supported.

    The Restricted Beta

    There are a number of items that you need to be aware of to make taking part in this beta a success for you and us.

    The Restricted Beta program is an early release of Couchbase Cloud Public APIs that are still under development and are offered to a select group of individuals. It is released early for the purpose of usability testing and collecting user feedback. This feedback will directly inform and influence API product development and content priorities prior to the General Availability (GA) of the APIs.

    The APIs released in this stage are not a full representation of what the product can or will do once released. It is likely that there will be bugs, instability, performance changes, and other limitations during this period. It is expected the product will evolve from the collection of feedback, resulting in changes to the end product. Changes of the product will be communicated but will not follow a production release schedule in this phase.

    Participant requirements

    • Must have some experience in developing software.

    • Must have coding experience with at least one or more programming languages.

    • Must have experience developing with web services or APIs.

    • Must be able to give enough time to complete one or more of the objectives.

    • Must be willing to give feedback and/or complete a survey.


    • End of March 2021: Available to Restricted Beta Program Participants.

    • Initial beta period through to the end of April 2021.

    • At the end of the initial beta period, the information gathered will be evaluated for subsequent releases. Couchbase reserves the right to extend or reduce the timeline.

    • General Availability of the Couchbase Cloud Public APIs in this beta is expected after the beta ends but is dependent upon feedback gathered during the Beta period.


    Support channels and resources for the Public API will be limited during the Beta period. Beta users will have access to private Slack channels to submit questions, enhancement requests, incidents, or bugs to the product development team directly. Couchbase general Support is not accessible during the Beta. There will be no Service Level Agreements in place.


    There is no cost to enroll and participate in the Beta.

    Defect Reporting

    Defects can be reported using the Slack channel or email. A Defect report should contain the following information:-

    • Actual result.

    • Expect result.

    • Steps to reproduce the defect.


    Either party may terminate the Beta at any time, for any or no reason, and at either party’s convenience by providing notice to the other. The termination will occur automatically after the Beta period ends.

    Couchbase Cloud Public APIs

    The APIs are fully documented in the openapi.yaml file that you received as part of the content for the Restricted Beta. By importing the yaml file into tools such as Postman, Insomnia or similar, you will be able to see the exact details for each API. Postman showing information for Public API after importing yaml file.

    The REST API guide can also be found here in our documentation.

    API summary

    A summary of the Public APIs is shown below

    API Methods Description

    {baseURL}/v2/status [1]


    Returns the status of Public APIs



    Returns a paginated list of summary information about each cloud



    Returns detailed information about a cloud



    Returns a paginated list of summary information about each project ( GET ) or to create a project ( POST )



    Returns detailed information about a project ( GET ) or deletes it ( DELETE )



    Returns a paginated list of summary information about each cluster ( GET ) or to create a cluster ( POST )



    Returns detailed information about a project ( GET ) or deletes it ( DELETE )



    Returns detailed information about a bucket ( GET ), creates a bucket ( POST ) or deletes it ( DELETE )



    Returns detailed information about an allow list ( GET ), creates an allow list ( POST ) or deletes it ( DELETE )

    1. {baseURL} refers to the URL used with the API, https://cloudapi.cloud.couchbase.com