Legacy Management API v3.0

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    The legacy Management API v3.0, formerly known as the Public API, is a REST API that enables you to manage the lifecycle of a Couchbase Capella deployment.
    Deprecation Notice

    The Management API v3.0 is deprecated and will be removed in future. Users of the Management API v3.0 must plan to migrate to the Management API v4.0. See Manage Deployments with the Management API v4.0.

    Authentication and Authorization

    The Management API v3.0 uses a Bearer token mechanism for authentication; each call to the Management API v3.0 has to authenticate.

    API keys that were created for the Management API v4.0 or later cannot be used with the Management API v3.0 or earlier.


    The Management API v3.0 focuses on the lifecycle of a cluster and associated functionality. It provides the following capabilities:

    • Clusters — List, create, and delete clusters; audit clusters; get monitoring information for a cluster; manage a cluster’s on / off schedule.

    • Events — List events.

    • Projects — List, create, and delete projects.

    • Status — Get API status.

    • Users — List and create users; get user information.

    OpenAPI Specification

    The Management API v3.0 has a fully documented OpenAPI 3.0 specification. By importing the openapi.yaml file into tools such as Postman, Insomnia or similar, you will be able to see the exact details for each API.

    Postman showing information for the Management API v3.0 after importing YAML file.

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