Overview of the Public API

      RESTful APIs for Couchbase Capella.

      We are creating a series of RESTful APIs that are intended to enable our customers to integrate with Couchbase Capella to perform operations such as:

      • Onboarding and offboarding users.

      • Managing the lifecycle of a cluster.

      • Getting monitoring information for a cluster.

      The capabilities of the Public API will extend as we iterate and release new endpoints. This first iteration of the Public API focuses on the lifecycle of a cluster and associated functionality. You will be able to:

      • Clouds — List clouds and obtain detailed information about them.

      • Projects — List, Create and Delete projects.

      • Clusters — List, Create, and Delete clusters — and its buckets and users — and manage access with the Allow List.

      Couchbase Capella Public APIs

      The REST API guide can be found here, along with links to the fully documented openapi.yaml file. By importing the yaml file into tools such as Postman, Insomnia or similar, you will be able to see the exact details for each API. Postman showing information for Public API after importing yaml file.

      API summary

      The V3 API is used with Capella hosted in Couchbase’s own cloud, and running Couchbase Server 7.0 (or more recent versions). It is planned that more capabilities will be added over time.

      API Methods Description


      GET, POST

      Returns a paginated list of summary information about each cluster ( GET ) or to create a cluster ( POST )



      Returns detailed information about a cluster ( GET ) or deletes it ( DELETE )



      Creates a new user for a cluster with access to buckets/scopes



      Updates the cluster server group to scale in / out, up / down



      Get Cluster Status



      Update Cluster Support Package



      Updates the cluster metadata