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Prerequisites — Couchbase Lite for C


      Description — Prerequisites for the installation of Couchbase Lite

      Couchbase Lite Framework Size

      Steps in Getting Started

      Install | Build and Run

      Couchbase Lite for C is provided as an xcframework.

      The xcframework download size is between 100 and 140 MB. This include includes a "fat" binary that contains slices for both device (armv7, arm64) and simulator (i386 and x86_64) CPU architectures. The fat binary allows you to link your app to the same xcframework and run your app on the simulator or a real device.

      In addition, the bitcode that is included contributes to the majority of the download size. Bitcode is an intermediate code representation that allows Apple to recompile the app after App submission and to deliver a thin version of the app specific to the device architecture.

      Although you can disable bitcode within your app and strip away bitcode from the Couchbase Lite framework, it is not necessary to do so. In fact, it is probably best to leave it enabled to be future proof. This is because the bitcode is never downloaded by the user even though it is uploaded during App submission.

      More information on App size is available on this Apple Q&A page.