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IDatabase Interface

An interface describing a Couchbase Lite database

Namespace:  Couchbase.Lite
Assembly:  Couchbase.Lite (in Couchbase.Lite.dll) Version: 2.0.0-b0033
public interface IDatabase : IThreadSafe, 

The IDatabase type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActionQueue
Gets the queue that is used for scheduling operations on the object. If operations are performed outside of this queue for properties marked with FromQueueOnly a ThreadSafetyViolationException will be thrown.
(Inherited from IThreadSafe.)
Public propertyConflictResolver
Gets or sets the conflict resolver to use when conflicts arise
Public propertyItem
Bracket operator for retrieving IDocuments
Public propertyName
Gets the name of the database
Public propertyOptions
Gets the options that were used to create the database
Public propertyPath
Gets the path on disk where the database exists
Public methodClose
Closes the database
Public methodCreateDocument
Creates a new IDocument with a unique ID
Public methodCreateIndex
Creates an ValueIndex index on the given path
Public methodDelete
Deletes the database
Public methodDeleteIndex
Deletes an index of the given IndexType on the given propertyPath
Public methodDispose (Inherited from IDisposable.)
Public methodDoAsync(Action)
Convenience method for asynchronously scheduling a job for this object
(Inherited from IThreadSafe.)
Public methodDoAsyncT(FuncT)
Convenience method for asynchronously scheduling a job for this object
(Inherited from IThreadSafe.)
Public methodDocumentExists
Checks if the IDocument with the given ID exists in the database
Public methodDoSync(Action)
Convenience method for scheduling and waiting for a job on this object's queue
(Inherited from IThreadSafe.)
Public methodDoSyncT(FuncT)
Convenience method for scheduling a job on this object's queue, waiting for it to finish and returning the result
(Inherited from IThreadSafe.)
Public methodGetDocument
Gets or creates an IDocument with the specified ID
Public methodInBatch
Runs the given batch of operations as an atomic unit
Public eventChanged
An event fired whenever the database changes
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