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Couchbase.Lite Namespace

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Public classAccessibilityModeAttribute
An attribute indicating when a given property or method is allowed to be accessed (queue-only vs anytime)
Public classBlobFactory
A factory for creating IBlob objects
Public classCouchbaseLiteException
The main class of exception used for indicating Couchbase Lite errors
Public classDatabaseChangedEventArgs
The parameters of a database changed event
Public classDatabaseFactory
A factory for creating IDatabase instances
Public classDispatchQueueExtensions
A class containing common IDispatchQueue operations
Public classDocumentSavedEventArgs
Arguments for the Saved event
Public classEncryptionKeyFactory
A factory for creating IEncryptionKey instances
Public classIndexOptions
A class representing options for creating an index in a database
Public classQueryableFactory
Public classStatus
A class for encapsulating a status code, and querying various information about it
Public classSubdocumentFactory
A factory class for creating ISubdocument instances
Public classThreadSafetyViolationException
An exception that is thrown when an IThreadSafe object is accessed inappropriately
Public structureDatabaseOptions
A struct containing options for creating or opening database data
Public structureRange
A struct representing an arbitrary range
Public interfaceIBlob
An interface describing a typed binary data object
Public interfaceIConflictResolver
An interface for resolving a conflict in a document (i.e. two edits to the same document at the same time)
Public interfaceIDatabase
An interface describing a Couchbase Lite database
Public interfaceIDispatchQueue
An interface describing an operation queue that can execute arbitrary work items in a synchronous or asynchronous fashion
Public interfaceIDocument
An interface describing a Couchbase Lite document
Public interfaceIDocumentMetadata
An interface describing metadata for an IDocumentModel
Public interfaceIDocumentModel
Using this interface, an arbitrary non-Couchbase class can become the model for retrieving data
Public interfaceIEncryptionKey
An interface representing an encryption key for encrypting and decrypting databases
Public interfaceIFullTextQueryRow
An interface describing an entry in the result of a full text query
Public interfaceIPropertyContainer
An interface describing an object that can hold arbitrary JSON properties
Public interfaceIQueryRow
An interface describing an entry of a result set for a plain value query
Public interfaceISubdocument
An interface representing an embedded JSON object in an IDocument
Public interfaceIThreadSafe
An interface for an object that guarantees thread safety via the use of dispatch queues
Public delegateCryptorBlock
Type of block returned by SymmetricKey.CreateEncryptor. This block can be called repeatedly with input data and returns additional output data. At EOF, the block should be called with a null parameter, and it will return the remaining encrypted data from its buffer.
Public enumerationAccessMode
Specifies the allowed access to a property or method if an IThreadSafe interface
Public enumerationIndexType
A type setting for creating an index in a database
Public enumerationStatusCode
A list of statuses indicating various results and/or errors for Couchbase Lite operations