Couchbase Node.js Release Notes and Archives

Release notes, installation instructions, and download archive for the Couchbase Node.js Client.

These pages cover the 3.0 versions of the Couchbase Node.js SDK. For release notes, download links, and installation methods for 2.6 and earlier releases of the Couchbase Node.js Client, please see the 2.x Node.js Release Notes & Download Archive.

To install an older version, specify the version directly with npm. For example, to install version 2.6.1:

npm install couchbase@2.6.1

Version 3.0.1 (20th March 2020)

Version 3.0.1 is the second release of the third generation Node.js SDK, bringing enhancements and bugfixes over the last stable release.

$ npm install couchbase@3.0.1

New Features

  • Updated to libcouchbase 3.0.1

Fixed Issues

  • JSCBC-669: Fixed CAS not being returned in some cases.

  • JSCBC-682: Fixed N1QL parameter options parsing.

  • JSCBC-666: Fixed ConjunctionSearchQuery not being able to add queries.

  • JSCBC-665: Fixed search query not using the correct indexes.

  • JSCBC-677: Fixed search query consistency not being set in some cases.

  • JSCBC-668: Fixed an UnhandledPromiseRejection error which could occur.

  • JSCBC-673: Improved handling of cluster closing.

  • JSCBC-711: Fixed a case where closing connections could trigger a segfault.

  • JSCBC-695: Fixed issue with the use of custom connection string options.

  • JSCBC-683: Fixed inconsistent metrics data from query service.

  • Updated to latest version of all dependencies.

  • Adjusted prebuilt binaries to match currently support Node.js versions.

Version 3.0.0 (20th January 2020)

This is the first GA release of the third generation Node.js SDK.

$ npm install couchbase@3.0.0

New Features

  • Updated to libcouchbase 3.0.0

Fixed Issues

  • JSCBC-653: Fixed transcoding in getReplica and getAndTouch.

  • JSCBC-650: Improved stream wrappers to support both events and async/await.

  • JSCBC-657: Fixed some error double-translation issues.

  • JSCBC-652: Fixed issue with data structures exist checks.

  • JSCBC-655: Fixed search query constructors not being exported.

  • JSCBC-656: Renamed QueryProfile to QueryProfileMode.

  • JSCBC-639: Updated tests to reflect updated libcouchbase behaviour.

  • JSCBC-654: Updated to the latest mock to resolve test issue.

  • JSCBC-647: Marked all error contexts as uncommitted.

  • JSCBC-596: Marked defaultScope, scope, and collection methods uncommitted.


Numerous Alpha and Beta releases were made in the run-up to the 3.0 release, and although unsupported, the release notes and download links are retained for archive purposes here.