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Couchbase Operator Logging

    How to extract and use Operator logs for problem determination.

    The Operator provides flexible logging support to enable failure detection and alerting. It is also a key resource when submitting a support request with the cbopinfo tool.

    Logs are structured as JSON with one entry per line. This provides a simple and stable foundation for parsing and ingesting logs into 3rd party logging databases. Most popular logging solutions feature native support for JSON input:

    Detailed instructions on what can be collected can be found in the Operator logging reference. Detailed instructions on how to configure logging can be found in the Operator configuration reference.

    Couchbase server logs cannot be collected from the pod’s standard output as is typical in Kubernetes environments. Furthermore Couchbase server pods do not feature any integration with 3rd party log collection technologies so cannot be collected in real time.

    The cbopinfo support tool can be used to collect a log archive at any time, as can the Couchbase web console.