Couchbase C Client  3.3.5
Asynchronous C Client for Couchbase
cntl.h File Reference

Command codes for libcouchbase. More...

#include "cntl-private.h"

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Data Structures

struct  lcb_cntl_vbinfo_t
 Structure containing mapping information for a key. More...
struct  lcb_cntl_vbinfo_t.v.v0
 v0 More...


 Operation Timeout.
 Views Timeout This is the I/O timeout for HTTP requests issues with LCB_HTTP_TYPE_VIEWS.
 N1QL Timeout This is the I/O timeout for N1QL queries, issued via lcb_n1ql_query()
 Get the name of the bucket This returns the name of the bucket this instance is connected to, or NULL if not yet connected to a bucket.
 Get the bucket type.
 Get the handle type.
 Get the vBucket handle.
 Get the iops implementation instance.
 Get the vBucket ID for a given key, based on the current configuration.
 IPv4/IPv6 selection policy.
 Configuration error threshold.
 Default timeout for lcb_durability_poll()
 Polling grace interval for lcb_durability_poll()
 Timeout for otherwise unspecified HTTP requests.
 Print verbose plugin load information to console.
 Initial bootstrap timeout.
 Randomize order of bootstrap nodes.
 Determine if file-based configuration has been loaded.
 Force a specific SASL mechanism.
 Maximum number of HTTP redirects to follow Set how many redirects the library should follow for the single request.
 Refresh Throttling.
 Get the transport used to fetch cluster configuration.
 Per-node configuration timeout.
 Idling/Persistence for HTTP bootstrap.
 Get the current SCM changeset for the library binary.
 File used for the configuration cache.
 File used for read-only configuration cache.
 Get SSL Mode.
 Get SSL Certificate path.
 Get SSL private key path.
 Get SSL trust store path.
 Alias for LCB_CNTL_SSL_CERT for backward compatibility.
#define LCB_RETRYOPT_CREATE(mode, policy)
 Create a retry setting value.
 Get mode from retry setting value.
 Get policy from retry setting value.
 Set retry policies.
 Set the URL selection mode.
 Determines whether to run the event loop internally within lcb_destroy() until no more I/O resources remain for the library.
 Sets the logging level for the console logger.
 Sets the output file (as a FILE*) for the console logger.
 Sets the behavior for reporting network errors.
 Sets the interval at which the retry queue will attempt to resend a failed operation.
 Whether commands are retried immediately upon receipt of not-my-vbucket replies.
 Set the maximum pool size for pooled http (view request) sockets.
 Determine whether or not a new configuration should be received when an error is received over the HTTP API (i.e.
 Set the behavior of the lcb_sched_leave() API call.
 Request the server to return an additional 16 bytes of data for each mutation operation.
 This read-only property determines if the mutation token mechanism is supported on the cluster itself.
 This setting determines if calls to lcb_wait() and lcb_wait() will reset the timeout of pending operations to the time that lcb_wait() was called, rather than having the operation maintain the time of the call which scheduled it.
 Clears the internal prepared statement cache for N1QL.
 Sets additional text for negotiation.
 Set credentials for a bucket.
 Set the amount of time the client should wait before retrying a not-my-vbucket response packet.
 Limit the number of bytes to be read (and thereby processed) during I/O read operations.
 Enable/Disable sending the SELECT_BUCKET command after authentication.
 Enable/Disable setting the TCP_KEEPALIVE option on created sockets.
 Set the amount of time to wait in between polling for a new configuration.
 Once redaction is enabled, anything at ERROR, WARN and INFO will wrap sensitive information with special tags, for further processing with the goal to remove or encrypt that information.
 Activate/deactivate end-to-end tracing.
 Flush interval for orphaned spans queue in default tracer.
 Size of orphaned spans queue in default tracer.
 Flush interval for spans with total time over threshold in default tracer.
 Size of threshold queue in default tracer.
 Minimum time for the tracing span of KV service to be considered by threshold tracer.
 Minimum time for the tracing span of N1QL service to be considered by threshold tracer.
 Minimum time for the tracing span of VIEW service to be considered by threshold tracer.
 Minimum time for the tracing span of FTS service to be considered by threshold tracer.
 Minimum time for the tracing span of ANALYTICS service to be considered by threshold tracer.
 Control how the library handles compression and deflation to and from the server.
 Minimum size of the document payload to be compressed when compression enabled.
 Minimum compression ratio (compressed / original) of the compressed payload to allow sending it to cluster.
 Select type of network (alternative addresses).
 The amount of time the pool should wait before closing idle connections.
 Analytics Timeout This is the global I/O timeout for Analytics queries, issued via lcb_analytics()
 Tell the server that the library supports reordering the execution of the commands.
 Search Timeout This is the global I/O timeout for Search queries, issued via lcb_search()
 Enable/Disable the Error Map feature.
 Flush interval for the per-operation metrics to be output to the logs.
 Enable/disable per-operation metrics collection.
#define LCB_CNTL__MAX
 This is not a command, but rather an indicator of the last item.

Modes for the lcb_cntl() mode argument

#define LCB_CNTL_SET
 Modify a setting.
#define LCB_CNTL_GET
 Retrieve a setting.

Verbose logging may be enabled by default using the environment variable LCB_LOGLEVEL and setting it to a number > 1; higher values produce more verbose output.

The maximum level is 5.

You may also install your own logger using lcb_cntl() and the LCB_CNTL_LOGGER constant. Note that the logger functions will not be called rapidly from within hot paths.

 Access the lcb_LOGGER structure.


typedef const char * lcb_BUCKETCRED[2]


enum  lcb_ipv6_t
 Modes for handling IPv6 in the IO layer. More...
enum  lcb_SSLOPTS
 SSL options. More...
 Select retry mode to manipulate. More...
 Enumeration representing various URL forms to use for the configuration stream. More...
enum  lcbtrace_THRESHOLDOPTS
 Options for how to handle compression. More...

Detailed Description

Command codes for libcouchbase.

These codes may be passed to 'lcb_cntl'.

Note that the constant values are also public API; thus allowing forwards and backwards compatibility.