Class CoreQueryResult

Direct Known Subclasses:
ClassicCoreQueryResult, ProtostellarCoreQueryResult

@Internal public abstract class CoreQueryResult extends Object
The result of a N1QL query, including rows and associated metadata.
  • Constructor Details

    • CoreQueryResult

      public CoreQueryResult()
  • Method Details

    • rows

      public abstract Stream<QueryChunkRow> rows()
      Returns all rows. As this is a Stream this is a once-through operation.
    • collectRows

      public List<QueryChunkRow> collectRows()
      Returns all rows in a buffered list. As this is building on a Stream, this is a once-through operation.
    • metaData

      public abstract CoreQueryMetaData metaData()
      Returns the CoreQueryMetaData giving access to the additional metadata associated with this query.
    • lastDispatchedTo

      @Nullable public abstract NodeIdentifier lastDispatchedTo()
      The last node the request was dispatched to.