Class AppendOptions

public class AppendOptions extends CommonDurabilityOptions<AppendOptions>
Modifies properties of the append operation.
  • Method Details

    • appendOptions

      public static AppendOptions appendOptions()
      Creates a new AppendOptions.
      the created options.
    • cas

      public AppendOptions cas(long cas)
      Specifies a CAS value that will be taken into account on the server side for optimistic concurrency.

      The CAS value is an opaque identifier which is associated with a specific state of the document on the server. The CAS value is received on read operations (or after mutations) and can be used during a subsequent mutation to make sure that the document has not been modified in the meantime.

      If document on the server has been modified in the meantime the SDK will raise a CasMismatchException. In this case the caller is expected to re-do the whole "fetch-modify-update" cycle again. Please refer to the SDK documentation for more information on CAS mismatches and subsequent retries.

      cas - the opaque CAS identifier to use for this operation.
      the AppendOptions for chaining purposes.
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