Class LookupInSpec

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public abstract class LookupInSpec extends Object
Defines specs to lookup parts in a JSON document.

Operations allow specifying an empty path ("") which means that the root document level is used (so it will be applied to the full document). By nature it makes sense to only use such a command in isolation, but it can be combined with xattr (extended attributes, a document metadata section) operations as well.

  • Constructor Details

    • LookupInSpec

      public LookupInSpec()
  • Method Details

    • toCore

      @Internal public abstract CoreSubdocGetCommand toCore()
      Internal operation called from the encoding side that encodes the spec into its internal representation.
    • get

      public static LookupInSpecStandard get(String path)
      Fetches the content from a field (if present) at the given path.
      path - the path identifying where to get the value.
      the created LookupInSpec.
    • exists

      public static LookupInSpecStandard exists(String path)
      Checks if a value at the given path exists in the document.
      path - the path to check if the field exists.
      the created LookupInSpec.
    • count

      public static LookupInSpecStandard count(String path)
      Counts the number of values at a given path in the document.
      path - the path identifying where to count the values.
      the created LookupInSpec.