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Logs API

The Logs REST API provides the REST API endpoints for retrieving log and diagnostic information as well as how an SDK can add entries into a log.


Couchbase Server logs various messages, which are available via the REST API. These log messages are optionally categorized by the module. A generic list of log entries or log entries for a particular category can be retrieved.

If the system is secured, administrator credentials are required to access logs.
Table 1. Log endpoints
HTTP method URI path Description



Retrieves log and additional server diagnostic information.



Retrieves a generic list of log information.



Retrieves information from the specified log category. Where the log_name is one of the following log types:

  • babysitter

  • couchdb

  • debug

  • error

  • info

  • mapreduce_errors

  • ssl_proxy

  • stats

  • view

  • xdcr

  • xdcr_errors



Adds entries to the central log from a custom Couchbase Server SDK.