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Start Here!

    If you are a first-time user, you can get a great, quick introduction to using Couchbase Server, just by reading this section. In a few brief steps, you obtain direct experience of installing, running, and performing interactive queries on the server.

    Steps for First-Time Users

    You’ll now be guided through some of the key aspects of Couchbase Server. At the conclusion of the sequence, you’ll have attained an excellent starting-point for further, more detail-driven activities. The steps are as follows:

    1. Do a Quick Install

    2. Look at the Results

    3. Run Your First N1QL Query

    4. Choose Your Next Steps

    If, at any stage, you decide that you wish to depart from the sequence, and make an immediate deep-dive into a specific topic, you can do so: by means of links to Other Destinations.

    Alternatively, if you do elect to work continuously through the whole sequence (as indeed we suggest), you ultimately arrive at the Choose Your Next Steps section; which provides a comprehensive list of options for gaining further knowledge of Couchbase server.

    Now proceed to Do a Quick Install.