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Deploying Couchbase in the Cloud


    Couchbase is the leading NoSQL database technology in the cloud for businesses focused on digital innovation. Deploy Couchbase in the cloud for its unique data model flexibility, elastic scalability, high performance, and 24x365 availability, which are requirements for building and deploying modern web, mobile, and IoT applications.

    Couchbase provides the ability to manually install Couchbase in your private Cloud, or deploy Couchbase in the public Cloud using the marketplace offering. This page summarizes the available options to deploy Couchbase in the Cloud.

    Table 1. Options to Get Started with Couchbase
    Amazon Web Services (AWS) Google Cloud Platform Microsoft Azure

    Deploy and manage Couchbase Server in the AWS cloud.

    Deploy and manage Couchbase Server in the Google Cloud Platform.

    Deploy and manage Couchbase in Microsoft Azure.