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Deploying Couchbase in the Cloud

      Deploy Couchbase in the cloud for its unique data model flexibility, elastic scalability, high performance, and 24x365 availability — all requirements for building and deploying modern web, mobile, and IoT applications.

      Cloud Options

      Couchbase can be deployed in the public cloud from any of the popular cloud marketplaces, or can be deployed in any cloud using manual installation.

      Table 1. Options to Get Started with Couchbase in the Cloud
      Amazon Web Services (AWS) Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Microsoft Azure

      Couchbase on Kubernetes

      Kubernetes has become and increasingly popular platform for deploying applications in the cloud. With its cloud-agnostic model, Kubernetes allows your applications to be more portable between clouds, saving you the extra time and resources that normally result from vendor lock-in.

      The Couchbase Autonomous Operator provides a native integration of Couchbase Server with Kubernetes platforms. It enables you to automate the management of common Couchbase tasks such as the configuration, creation, scaling, and recovery of Couchbase clusters.