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Manage Console Access

    Administrators can connect securely with Couchbase Web Console.

    Obtaining Secure Console Access

    The Couchbase Web Console can be accessed over HTTPS, on port 18091. Since it is protected by SSL/TLS, this connection is secure.

    For example, if you have established Couchbase Web Console on http://`servername:8091`, you can access it securely on https://`servername:18091`.

    Disabling Non-Secure Console Access

    If you wish to force Administrators to log into the UI over an encrypted channel, and so use port 18091 only, you can disable console access on port 8091. Note that this only affects console access, and does not prevent REST requests from continuing to use 8091, non-securely.

    The following REST API method disables Couchbase Web Console on port 8091, so that the secure port 18091 must be used instead:

    curl -u Administrator:password http://localhost:8091/settings/security \
    -d disableUIOverHttp=true

    To re-enable Couchbase Web Console access on port 8091, enter the following:

    curl -u Administrator:password http://localhost:8091/settings/security \
    -d disableUIOverHttp=false

    Note that the following CLI command can also be used for disabling and enabled unsecured http access. The following expression disables http-based console access, such that https on port 18091 must be used instead:

    couchbase-cli setting-security -c <servername> \
    -u Administrator -p password \
    --disable-http-ui 1

    To re-enable, use the same command with the value 0 specified for the --disable-http-ui 1 flag.