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Deleting XDCR Replications

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    To delete an XDCR replication, use the DELETE /controller/cancelXDCR HTTP method and URI.


    When a replication is deleted, it stops replication from the source to the destination. If the replication is re-created the between the same source and destination clusters and buckets, XDCR resumes replication.

    HTTP method and URI

    DELETE /controller/cancelXDCR/[url_encoded_replication_id]

    Replication ID is provided in the form of [UUID]/[local-bucket-name]/[remote-bucket-name]. It needs to be URL-encoded before it can be used in the delete replication URL.


    A URL-encoded endpoint is used which contains the unique document ID that references the replication. The replication can also be deleted via the web console.

    Curl request example:

    curl -u Administrator:password1  \ \
      9eee38236f3bf28406920213d93981a3%2Fbeer-sample%2Fremote_beer \
      -X DELETE