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System Requirements

    Couchbase Server has a basic set of installation and networking requirements that apply to nearly every deployment.

    Deploying Couchbase Server into production requires that the hardware and software requirements are met, and that the deployment guidelines and security considerations are taken into account before installation.

    Table 1. Couchbase System Requirements
    Requirement Description

    Platform support

    Ensure that you are deploying onto a platform that is supported.

    Supported Platforms

    Hardware requirements

    Ensure that your production environment has adequate hardware and system resources to meet the needs of your deployment.

    System Resource Requirements

    Additional requirements

    Ensure that your production environment meets all the necessary additional requirements for the components that you plan to deploy.

    Additional Requirements

    Networking requirements

    Review the Couchbase Server networking requirements to ensure that your environment can accommodate the various components that you plan to deploy.

    Network and Firewall Requirements

    Using IPv6 With Couchbase

    Deployment-specific requirements

    Review Deployment Guidelines to make sure you are following the best practices for your deployment.