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Function: Simple Timer


      Goal: Create a Simple Timer that triggers once per mutation.

      • This function simpleTimer merely demonstrates a basic Evening Timer.

      • Requires a metadata bucket and a source bucket.

      • Will operate on any mutation where the KEY or meta.id starts with "simpletimer:".

      • The result of processing the mutation is a Timer that will be executed approximately 30 seconds in the future.

      • For more details on Timers refer to Timers.

      • For an example of a recurring Timer refer to: Recurring Timer.

      • simpleTimer

      • Input Data/Mutation

      • Output Data/Logged

      function TimerCallback(context) {
          log('From TimerCallback: timer fired with context', context);
          // do any sort of recurring work here, just update a date_stamp in a doc
      function OnUpdate(doc, meta) {
          // You would typically filter to mutations of interest
          if (! meta.id.startsWith("simpletimer:")) return;
          // Make a Date 30 seconds in the future
          var thirtySecFromNow = new Date(); // Get current time & add 30 sec. to it.
          thirtySecFromNow.setSeconds(thirtySecFromNow.getSeconds() + 30);
          // Timers require an id
          var timer_id = meta.id;
          // Timers can access a context when they fire
          var context = {"id": meta.id, "random": Math.random(), "sched": thirtySecFromNow, doc: doc}
          // crate the Timer
          createTimer(TimerCallback, thirtySecFromNow, timer_id, context);
          log("From OnUpdate createTimer(TimerCallback, "+thirtySecFromNow+","+ timer_id+",", context);
      INPUT: KEY simpletimer:1
        "id": 1,
        "type": "simpletimer",
        "data": "ABCDEFG"
      2021-04-10T11:00:33.034-07:00 [INFO] "From TimerCallback: timer fired with context"
      2021-04-10T10:59:56.960-07:00 [INFO] "From OnUpdate createTimer(TimerCallback, Sat Apr 10 2021 11:00:26 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time),
      simpletimer:1," {"id":"simpletimer:1","random":0.8167888118053206,"sched":"2021-04-10T18:00:26.955Z","doc":{"id":1,"type":"simpletimer","data":"ABCDEFG"}}