Index Type


      The Index Type interface provides a drop-down menu from which the appropriate index type can be selected:

      fts index type interface

      Following options are available:

      • Version 5.0 (Moss) is the standard form of index to be used in test, development, and production. This version is deprecated.

      • Version 6.0 (Scorch) reduces the size of the index-footprint on disk and provides enhanced performance for indexing and mutation-handling

      The type of an index is saved in its JSON definition, which can be previewed in the Index Definition Preview panel, at the right-hand side.


      Version 5.0 contained the following value for the store attribute:

      "store": {
        "kvStoreName": "mossStore"

      Version 6.0 and later contains a different value:

      "store": {
        "kvStoreName": "",
        "indexType": "scorch"