Manage Nodes and Clusters

A Couchbase-Server cluster consists of one or more nodes, each of which is a system running an instance of Couchbase Server.

Managing Nodes and Clusters

A Couchbase Server node is a physical or virtual machine that hosts a single instance of Couchbase Server. A conceptual overview is provided in Nodes. The current section provides step-by-step procedures for node-management. This includes:

  • Initializing and provisioning a node, thereby making it a one-node cluster.

  • Adding and removing nodes from clusters.

  • Listing nodes currently in the cluster.

  • Performing failover on nodes, when they need to be removed from the cluster.

  • Rebalancing the cluster, after a node has been removed for scheduled or otherwise planned maintenance.

  • Recovering a node, following failover.


Before proceeding with the instructions provided throughout this section, you must have installed and started Couchbase Server.

For links to all per platform installation-instructions, see Install.

For information on starting and stopping Couchbase Server on different platforms, see Startup and Shutdown.

Note that the examples in this section assume that no node is certificate-protected. If certificate-protection has been applied to a cluster, all new nodes to be incorporated into that cluster must themselves be appropriately certificate-protected, before incorporation is attempted; otherwise, an error occurs. For information, see Node Certificates.