Release Notes for Couchbase Server 7.1


    Release 7.1.1 (July 2022)

    Couchbase Server 7.1.1 was released in July 2022. This maintenance release contains fixes to issues.

    Fixed Issues

    This release contains the fixes listed below.

    Data Service

    Issue Description


    Memcached hangs when no passphrase is passed for encrypted private key


    Issue Description


    XDCR does not update memcached flag/body after txn xattribute removal if user xattr is not found

    Query Service

    Issue Description


    Negative integer in the 64bit range causes rounding


    Stop session hangs


    IN/NOT IN filters not using Hash for evaluation - continued


    LEFT JOIN breaks with between operator on non-existing attribute


    WITH clause distribution over union queries deviates from sql standard


    Adhoc query index selection issue with LIKE as index condition and query parameters


    Refresh_cluster_map fails with ERROR 199 : N1QL: Invalid query service endpoint

    Eventing Service

    Issue Description


    Function causing recursion is missing from ERR_INTER_BUCKET_RECURSION error description

    Backup Service

    Issue Description


    The Backup Service or cbauth can get stuck in a state where it will not reconnect to ns_server

    Release 7.1 (May 2022)

    Couchbase Server 7.1 was released in May 2022. This release contains new features, enhancements, and fixes.

    New Features

    This section highlights the notable new features and improvements in this release.

    • Analytics shadow data may now be replicated up to 3 times to ensure high availability. Refer to General Settings.

    • Analytics now supports Analytics views and tabular Analytics views. Refer to Analytics Views.

    • The new Tableau Connector provides integration between tabular Analytics views and the Tableau interactive data visualization platform. Refer to Couchbase Tableau Connector.

    • The Analytics Service now supports external datasets on Azure Blob storage. Refer to Managing Links and Analytics Links REST API.

    • Analytics now supports array indexes. Refer to Using Indexes and Data Definition Language (DDL).

    • The cost-based optimizer may now consider different join orders, and can choose the optimal join order based on cost information. Refer to Join Enumeration.

    • The Query service now supports optimizer hints within queries using a specially-formatted hint comment. Refer to Optimizer Hints.

    • Couchbase Server now permits multiple root certificates to maintained in a trust store for the cluster. See Using Multiple Root Certificates.

    • Couchbase Server now supports PKCS #1 and PKCS #8 — in each case, only for use with private keys. See Private Key Formats.

    • Use of encrypted private keys is now supported for certificate management. Registration procedures are provided for encrypted private keys associated with node-certificates. See JSON Passphrase Registration.

    • System Events are now provided, to record significant events on the cluster. See System Events.

    • New roles are provided for the administration of Sync Gateway, especially in the context of Couchbase Capella. These roles are listed at Roles.

    • TLS 1.3 cipher-suites can now by used by all services; and by the Cluster Manager, XDCR, and Views. See On the Wire Security.

    • Heightened security is now provided for adding nodes to clusters. Once a cluster is using uploaded certificates, a node that is to be added must itself be provisioned with conformant certificates before addition can be successfully performed. The new node is now always added over an encrypted connection. See Adding New Nodes.

    • The scalability of indexing is enhanced by the flattening of arrays. See Format of Query Predicate.

    • Automatic Failover can now fail several nodes over concurrently; additionally, automatic failover of index services is supported. See Automatic Failover.

    • Improvements have been made to rebalancing algorithms so that active buckets, services, and replicas will be spread across different server groups, even when server groups are unequal. See Server Group Awareness.

    • The Magma Storage Engine has been added to 7.1 as an Enterprise Edition feature, allowing for higher performance with very large datasets. Magma is a disk-based engine, so is highly suited to datasets that will not fit in available memory. You can find more details on Magma in Storage Engines.


    The following enhancements are provided in this release:

    • The Analytics function object_concat has been updated to support dynamic uses, similar to the more general OBJECT constructor functionality that is available in the Query Service. Refer to object_concat.

    • XDCR checkpointing is now entirely persistent through topology-changes on the source cluster. This provides improved performance when failover and rebalance occur on the source cluster.

    • The Plasma Storage Engine has been enhanced with per page Bloom filters and in-memory compression. For information, see Plasma Memory Enhancements.

    • Root and intermediate certificates can now be managed while node-to-node encryption is enabled. See Certificate Management and Node-to-Node Encryption.

    New Supported Platforms

    This release adds support for the following platforms:

    • Apple macOS v11.6 (Big Sur) for development only

    • Apple macOS v12.x (Monterey) for development only

    • Amazon Linux (ARM)

    • Debian 11.x

    • Microsoft Windows Server 2022

    See Supported Platforms for the complete list of supported platforms.

    Deprecated Features and Platforms

    Deprecated and Removed Platforms

    The following platforms are deprecated and will be removed in a future release:

    • Apple macOS v10.14 (Mojave) – removed

    • Apple macOS v10.15 (Catalina) – deprecated

    • CentOS 7.x – deprecated

    • CentOS 8.x – removed

    • Debian 9.x – removed

    • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 – removed

    • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 (64-bit, DataCenter Edition) – removed

    • Oracle Linux 7.x – deprecated

    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.x – deprecated

    • Ubuntu 18.x – deprecated

    Deprecation of Certificate Upload API

    The POST method and /controller/uploadClusterCA URI, which historically have been used to upload an appropriately configured certificate to the cluster, so that it becomes the root certificate for the cluster, are deprecated in 7.1.

    For security reasons, in versions 7.1 and after, by default, this method and URI can continue to be used on localhost only. However, this default setting can be changed, if required. For details, see Deprecated Certificate Management APIs.

    Note that new methods and URIs for certificate management are summarized on the page Certificate Management API.

    Fixed Issues

    This release contains the fixes listed below.


    Issue Description


    Fix cbupgrade for single node IPv6 clusters


    Windows installer always rollbacks during install

    Cluster Manager

    Issue Description


    The old bucket 'sasl_password' should be effectively removed


    The versions REST API should be authenticated


    Issue Description


    Cleaning up of the cluster fails with "Rebalance exited with reason {buckets_shutdown_wait_failed"

    Data Service

    Issue Description


    Limit the Checkpoint memory usage


    Cannot make persistent change to num nonio/auxio threads


    Align roles to updated permissions in memcached


    Issue Description


    ViewEngine doesn’t handle the case of empty default-collection


    Views 8092 REST API leaking version info

    Analytics Service

    Issue Description


    Analytics UI is blank in Mixed mode cluster


    Analytics Service cannot be added nor re-added to a 6.6.5 cluster w/ node-to-node encryption configured


    On corrupt remote link details in metakv, analytics cluster becomes permanently unusable on restart

    Query Service

    Issue Description


    Query log format


    Support FTS’s docid_regexp mode for N1QL


    Mutation fail may not report the error


    Public interface documentation on parsing 12009 DML error


    Like functions escape character should be optional

    Index Service

    Issue Description


    Smart Batching Index Builds During Rebalance


    Rebalance button not enabled post Quorum Loss failover even when indexing has partitioned indexes


    Internal Server error is raised while performing backup on a index node using cbbackupmgr


    Index build stuck during rebalance due to large number of pending items

    Search Service

    Issue Description


    Rebalance optimisations via index file transfer across nodes


    Bind only to IPv4 addresses when invoked with IPv4-Only cluster-wide setting


    FTS - Apply RBAC only for target collections in a multi-collection index


    n1fty to upgrade to blevesearch/sear for verification phase


    Support encrypted certificate / key / password - Search


    System Event Log - Search


    Multiple Root CA Certs - FTS


    Search UI should be able to accept queries as objects


    Add Croatian language (hr) to the list of supported languages


    SEARCH_META().score behaves different from SEARCH_SCORE() in some N1QL queries

    Eventing Service

    Issue Description


    Timer not firing after upgrade, worker count change and service crash


    Add ability to enable/disable the cURL functionality


    Eventing consumes large amount of CPU with no functions.

    Known Issue

    This release contains the following known issue.

    Query Service

    Issue Description


    Summary: Implement defs.CheckMixedModeCallback for mixed mode checks

    Any attempt to execute a function with N1QL udfs replicated from a 7.1 node will fail with "no library found in worker" on a 7.0.x node.

    Workaround: If possible, all nodes in cluster should be running under version 7.1 or higher.