Query Tools


      cbq: The Command Line Shell for SQL++

      cbq is the command line shell that you can use to issue SQL++ queries on Couchbase Server.

      Query Workbench

      The Query Workbench provides a rich graphical user interface to perform query development.

      Query Monitor

      The Query Monitor is a UI that enables you to monitor the current state of the Query service.

      User-Defined Functions

      The User-Defined Functions UI enables you to create and manage functions and libraries written in SQL++ or JavaScript.

      SQL++ Auditing

      SQL++-related activities can be audited by Couchbase Server.

      Backfill Support for SQL++

      You can configure the temporary working space for the SQL++ engine and its embedded GSI client via the UI.

      Related Links

      It is also possible to run a query via the SQL++ REST API, or programmatically via a software development kit (SDK).