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Release Notes


      New Features

      • Guaranteed Availability

      • X.509 Authentication against Couchbase Server

      • Continuous Logging

      • Log Redaction

      • Bucket operation timeout

      Deprecated Features

      • Bucket shadowing has been deprecated since 1.4 and has now become unsupported. The recommended approach to perform operations on a bucket dedicated to Couchbase Mobile is to enable shared bucket access.

      • The log rotation configuration is being deprecated in favor of the continuous logging configuration.

        • log (superseded by logging)

        • logFilePath (superseded by logging.log_file_path)

      • Sync Gateway Accelerator.



      • #4015 Exit DCP processing early for internal keys unrelated to caching, import

      • #4017 Remove the default capacity for channel cache log slice

      • #4021 Constrain DCP checkpoint persistence rate


      • CBG-234 Prevent N1QL injection in Sync Gateway via _all_docs with startkey and endkey querystring options


      • #3822 Rewrite and guard against non-covering queries



      • #1658 Purge doesn’t remove cached documents


      • #3692 Failure to write old revision can result in malformed revision body in revtree

      • #3721 "_changes" feed not 100% reliable

      • #3724 Resync with xattrs causes warnings for every no-op

      • #3738 2.0 replication doesn’t notify clients when unable to send rev message

      • #3740 Persist temporary revision body backups on import

      • #3756 DCP Feed does not seed from all nodes

      Known Issues

      • MB-31990 and MB-32120 Query failures when querying xattrs with non-covering index.

      • #3822 Sync Gateway channel queries to the Couchbase Server may time out.


      Performance Improvements

      • #716 Use sync.atomic to synchronize logging logLevel

      • #2396 SyncGateway restart after node automatic failover is taking more time

      • #2563 Allow callers to provide current value to WriteUpdateWithXattr

      • #3664 Unnecessary DCP reprocessing on SG restart


      • #1021 Enable log level to be set via SG config

      • #1652 Differentiate logging between standard out and standard error

      • #2664 Move to GSI for internal query operations

      • #3119 Avoid design doc/view creation when already present

      • #3157 Uptake the latest gocb for ipv6 support

      • #3259 Log Redaction

      • #3276 Sync Function requireAdmin() functionality

      • #3329 Support authenticating against CBS using x.509 certificate

      • #3388 Include body hash in Sync Gateway import calculation

      • #3508 Allow configuration of GoCB opTimeout value

      • #3526 2.1.0- sg collect info - Show message if sync gateway is not running


      Known Issues

      • #3562 Sync Gateway requires Couchbase Server nodes to use the same SSL memcached port