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    Automatic conflict resolution

    The process by which conflicts are automatically resolved by the system.

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    Leaf revision

    The last Document Revision in a series of changes. Documents may have multiple Leaf Revisions (aka Conflict Revisions) due to concurrent updates.

    Revision pruning

    Pruning is the process that deletes the metadata and/or JSON bodies associated with old non-leaf revisions. Leaf revisions are not impacted.

    No conflicts mode

    The process by which write operations that would result in a conflict are rejected by the system — see Sync Gateway 2.0 and above.

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    Tombstone revision

    A document revision that contains only the document ID, a revision ID and the _deleted: true key value pair. A tombstone revision acts as the record of a deleted item. Tombstone revisions are created to allow all devices to see that a document has been deleted - particularly in the case of devices that may not be online continuously and therefore not syncing regularly.

      "_deleted": true,
      "_id": "foobar",
      "_rev": "3-db962c6d93c3f1720cc7d3b6e50ac9df"

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