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Configuration File


    Sync Gateway uses a JSON-like configuration file to define its runtime behavior. The file’s contents include, for example:

    • Details of the connected Couchbase databases

    • How replications are conducted

    • What security is to be used

    • What logging options are to be applied, and

    • Any customization of import filtering and synchronization.

    The majority of the configuration is achieved using standard JSON syntax — see Configuration Reference for more.

    The sync-gateway-config.json file relies on the use of one relaxed JSON feature; the use of back ticks (`). Text between back ticks is treated as a string. It can span multiple lines and contain double-quotes. Those features make it ideal for the JavaScript used in sync and import_filter functions.

    Use the following command to run Sync Gateway with a configuration file:

    sync_gateway sync-gateway-config.json

    Configuration Reference