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What’s New


      Couchbase Sync Gateway 2.7 introduces significant performance and resilience enhancements which provide the following capabilities to Enterprise-customers.

      For more information about platform support changes, deprecation notifications, notable improvements, and fixed and known issues, refer to the Release Notes.

      Built-in High Availability of Import Processing

      Enterprise Customers can now designate multiple Sync Gateway nodes as Import Processing nodes (to handle Couchbase Server writes) This provides added resiliency. The workload of any lost node will be shared across the remaining Sync-gateway nodes.

      Linear Scaling of Import Processing

      In addition to significant performance enhancements to per-node import throughput, Enterprise Customers can also take advantage of the multi-node import processing capability to linearly scale import throughput. Adjusting the number of dedicated nodes to meet changing workload and throughput requirements.

      Enhanced Write Scaling

      A series of read and write processing optimizations in the Sync Gateway that includes efficient handling of of Json document marshalling/unmarshalling means Enterprise-customers can see improvements in per-node write throughput during replication and can more efficiently handle the demands of large-scale concurrent writes …​ Read more

      Fixes and enhancements

      This release also contains a number of bug fixes and enhancements for Sync Gateway. Find out more in the Release Notes | Latest maintenance release notes