Monitor Databases

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    Couchbase Capella provides database metrics, activity logs with events, and alerts to notify you of critical database health events.

    Database Metrics

    Database metrics help you monitor the current and past performance of your database. You can view database metrics using the Monitoring dashboard. The Monitoring dashboard allows you to choose what metrics to track and chart this data over specified time frames or close to real-time. You can zoom in on time frames using your mouse to drag-to-select on a chart or through the time controls on the dashboard.

    Activity Logs

    The Activity Logs in Capella provide a complete auditable timeline of events occurring in your organization, projects, and databases. Each event in an Activity Log includes a summary of the activity, severity, resource affected, actor, and when it occurred. Filtering allows you to narrow down what events appear in an Activity Log based on databases, projects, users, severity, tag, and date. In Capella, you can view an Activity Log for your organization, each project, and each database.


    Events are items written to Activity Logs that reflect specific conditions in your Capella organization, project, and database. Events can include service-affecting conditions to user activity.

    For a list of the events and alerts in Capella, see Alert Reference.

    Event Severity

    Each event that Capella emits includes a severity level. The following table describes the event severity levels in Capella:

    Severity Description Sends alert


    Informational events. Events with an info severity range from user activities to regular database operation tasks.


    Unexpected issues that affect performance or cause other problems that may need intervention. Events with a warning severity often indicate a database is trending towards more critical thresholds.


    Availability affecting events that require immediate intervention. Most events with a critical severity occur due to database resource usage exceeding critical utilization thresholds.

    Event Tags

    Each event in Capella has one or more tags. Tags categorize events, allowing you to filter events. The following table lists each available tag type:

    Tag Description


    Events that indicate degraded database performance, availability, or both.


    Events for the creation and deletion of databases and their related resources.


    Events that can affect billing, such as the creation and deletion of resources.


    Events relating to scheduled or on-demand maintenance tasks, such as backup and restore.


    Events that signal performance-affecting conditions.


    Events related to Capella UI or database access, such as the invitation of a new user or the creation of new database credentials.


    Capella generates an alert when there’s an event with a warning or critical severity.

    To receive alerts from Capella, you can:

    To resolve an alert, improve the immediate conditions producing the related event.

    Activity Logs keep a record of all past events, including those that generate alerts.